Church Officers and Ministries Chairs

Minister Gazzara L. Mitchell, Sr., Pastor
Lady Darlene Mitchell, Leading Lady
Minister Keith Cole, Son of Church
Deacon Virgin Stephens, Chairperson
Trustee Brenda C. Parham, Church Administrator
Deaconess Connie Cornelius, Church Reporter
Deacon Jack Chappell, Sunday School Superintendent


Deacon Virgin Stephens, Chairperson
Deacon James Asbell, Sr.
Deacon Darrell Cornelius
Deacon Robert Hughes
Deacon Robert Chappell, Jr.
Deacon Ronald Bickley
Deacon Jack Chappell
Deacon Albert Young


Trustee Kenneth Stanley, Chairperson
Trustee William Mack Walls
Trustee Brenda C. Parham
Trustee James Wiley, Emeritus

Kitchen Ministry

Ashantas Cornelius-Cole

Missionary Ministry

Deaconess Connie Cornelius

Usher Ministry

Sister Frankie Stephens, Chairperson

Youth Ministry

Sister Angela Sutton

Music Ministry

Deaconess Ruby Hughes, Chairperson
Deacon Robert Chappell, President